For those of you who use an Android-powered smartphone as your daily communication tool of choice, I am quite sure that you are more or less pretty satisfied with the overall user experience. Well, there is quite a healthy number of apps on the Android Market that would certainly strike your fancy, and even better is some Google-developed apps being made available for free – with Google Goggles being one of them. Imagine looking at the world through Google Goggles, where augmented reality technology rules the roost. There is word that the Internet search giant is already in the late prototype stages of such a product, although whether this remains a rumor or is something true remains to be seen.


Just how do you see your life being changed when you have a pair of cloud-connected glasses on? Certainly you will not look as dorky as the image on the right, as that is just there for illustrative purposes only, but with the way technology is moving, it might just help retailers sell more stuff and shop assistants taking a back seat, as an augmented reality view of a product on a shelf would have all the relevant information that you need to know. Hopefully the batteries on such glasses are able to last the distance, though.

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