Robots seem to be in the limelight a whole lot more often these days than in the previous decade, simply because they are able to do a whole lot more than their predecessors with the advancement that we’ve seen in robotics technology. Well, the Bucheon City Hall in South Korea did receive help from a service robot sometime last year, where that robot offered directions, validated parking, as well as offered ATM capability, but this time around, the new guide robot will target the less aged crowd – those who are young basically, where it will rely on voice recognition technology to interact with visitors. For instance, when you ask, “Where’s the mayor’s office?”, it will reply, “Main floor”.

Not only that, it too will retain its predecessor’s capabilities, being able of autonomous navigation while validating your parking. Since it is a newer version, it is a no brainer that it will come with new features, where among them include receiving complaints from the public as well as taking down messages. The City Hall in Bucheon has gotten a whole lot more interesting – do you think a similar concept will catch on with other cities around the globe?

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