Siri logoSiri is one of the most popular features of the iPhone 4S and when people realized that it had no problem running on iOS devices, developers have been working hard at trying to port the app. Well, a group of hackers known as the CD-Dev Team recently managed to pull it off with its own port, H1Siri, and proxy servers. Unfortunately, the code which it used for testing was unintentionally leaked online – and just like everything that leaks online, it spread pretty quickly.


Unable to keep up with the demand of Siri requests, CD-Dev Team’s servers have been pretty unresponsive, leaving the app useless at times. In addition to that, the app has been known to cause random reboots, break the camera, mess up the Settings app and cause the phone to get stuck at the Apple logo among other things.

But if you really must have Siri on your non-iPhone 4S iPhone, use the app at your own risk, or at least wait for a more stable release. And let’s not forget H1Siri makes use of Apple binaries without permission which makes it illegal as well. It is also noted that using H1Siri with your emails, SMS, Calendar, Contacts, Location etc might send them to CD-Dev Team’s servers.

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