iPad Macintosh coverLast week we wrote about the iStation – a retro looking dock for your iPad, well it looks like we’re not done just yet. Another retro iPad accessory has surfaced, and this time around, it turns the back of your iPad 2 into an old Mac computer. Yes, we’re talking about the Macintosh 128k model that was introduced back in 1984. While it doesn’t add anything to your iPad, this Macintosh cover turns your plain-looking iPad 2 into something that looks like it came out of a time machine.


The retro case even gives you a 3.5″ floppy stuck in the disk drive (no, you can’t remove it), and if it wasn’t for the “HOMADE” logo – it could probably dupe a lot of people into thinking it’s the real thing (with some clever position of course). Now all we need are classic Mac apps ported over to iOS to complete the whole package. If you’re keen on picking up the Macintosh iPad 2 case, you can head here to purchase one for $36.99.

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