MacBook Pro/Air owners can probably appreciate how the Apple logo on the lid of their laptops glows when the device is on. It’s a minor feature but attention to detail and minor aesthetics really makes a difference, and if you wish that your iPhone 4/4S’s Apple logo could glow as well, K.O. Gadget has a mod for your iPhone that will achieve a similar effect as well.

According to the company, you should have no problems installing the mod at home by yourself without any specialist equipment. It supposedly is a 5 minute process and it seems that the company is in a hurry to sell it off, giving the product a 2 day life cycle before it is pulled from its site, probably trying their best to hide from Apple’s legal hounds by staying under the radar.

The kit along with the replacement back panel for the iPhone apparently does not affect the dimensions of the phone, nor does it appear to affect battery performance or cause any heating problems. If you’re interested in picking up the kit for yourself, it is available via K.O. Gadget’s store for $42.90. If you miss out on the deal, well, you can always watch the demonstration video below if it’s any consolation.

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