Pong iPad 2 Case and CoverIn case you didn’t know, the 3G iPad has a proximity sensor that is used to down the power of the 3G radio whenever a user is close to it (to reduce radiation levels of the tablet). But human proximity isn’t the only thing that can set the sensor off: a case can do the job as well. However, when power to 3G radio is dialed down – the signal is weaker and the data transfer rate is slower as well. Well, Pong Research has an iPad case that is said to eliminate the problem.


Called the Pong Case and Cover for the iPad 2, it is designed to keep your iOS tablet protected, as well as keep the 3G radio fully powered and reduce radiation at the same time. The case has a cut out on the area which normally blocks the sensor so it doesn’t trigger the proximity sensor, and the case also features an integrated circuit board designed to take the harmful radiation and redistribute it away from the user’s body.

The case also comes with a cover that can be folded in multiple configurations, acting like a Smart Cover to protect your screen and prop your iPad 2 up when you don’t feel like holding it up with your hands. The folks over at Wired have event tested the case to verify Pong Research’s claims, and they’ve been proven as true. If you’re keen on picking up one of these cases, head here – it’ll set you back $99.99.

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