Robots are constantly being improved upon by scientists in laboratories, and they certainly do have a major role to play on the battlefield. Take for instance, the Predator drone that has been dispatching off high value targets for the longest time already without the need to risk the life of a human pilot. Well, it seems that quadcopter robots are being worked on to build structures autonomously. Hmmm, that’s new, as it might signal the beginning of the end of human labor when it comes to constructing the buildings where we live and work in, now how about that? This quadcopter robot is the hard work of a robotics team from the University of Pennsylvania, where it will be able to work in “swarms” without actually interfering with one another.

That is because they all have been infused with the intelligence to know just when a particular part is placed in the right position, locking it into place nicely. This is the result of an algorithm which has been described as “limited only by the battery life of the quadcopters and the number of parts available.” I guess with more advancement in this area, we might soon see programmers “program” buildings with robots getting to work. At least these robots won’t strike or complain about being underoiled.

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