BlackBerry PlayBook Android appsWe’re all still waiting for RIM to bring Android app support to the BlackBerry PlayBook, and while it’s still not here yet, it looks like we’re one step closer. RIM announced today that it is now accepting app submissions from Android app aggregator developers. In case you were wondering what Android app aggregator developers are: they help developers expand their app distribution to a larger audience. In this case, they handle the conversion of Android apps to BlackBerry PlayBook-friendly apps so that they can be used on the QNX tablet. An example of one of these aggregators is Handster, a division of Opera Software that started asking for app submissions earlier this month.

It looks like the BlackBerry App World is going to be filled with Android apps in the near future. Hopefully this solves the problem of the tablet not having enough apps that people want to use. If you’re a developer who is keen on submitting your Android apps to the BlackBerry App World, find out more at the source link below.

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