It was one year ago that Santa received a Google Voice number that he calls his own, and folks living Stateside managed to pick up a personalized holiday phone call from the man himself. Well, this year things are slightly different – and Santa wants you to play a more pro-active roll by calling him, considering how you cannot really hold a decent conversation with a bunch of reindeer who constantly bicker among themselves as to whose nose is the reddest. For those who want to make a special request to Santa, just call him from the comfort of Gmail and leave a message for the grand old man at his Google Voice number – aptly spelled out as 855-34-SANTA. Since Santa is one busy rotund man, he cannot return the messages himself, but will keep you updated on the latest at the North Pole each day.


Not only that, you are also able to compose and send your very own customized phone call from Santa to anyone you know, it does not matter whether they are nice or naughty to you for the whole year. This applies only to US numbers only. Do bear in mind that calls from Gmail would be free for those residing in the US and Canada, although folks living outside of the mentioned countries will have to fork out $0.01/minute excluding applicable local taxes.

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