Telling time has always been a pretty linear concept (unless you plan on getting philosophical), but if you were looking for a new perspective on time or simply want an abstract-looking gadget to decorate your home with, this Wind Clock by Kim Haagen might be a gadget worth checking out.

At its fundamentals, the Wind Clock is your typical clock that runs on your conventional clock mechanism, with the kicker being that the speed of which the Wind Clock tells time will rely on how fast/strong the wind is blowing. The average speed of wind (arbitrarily defined) has been programmed into the clock, therefore assuming the actual speed of wind in your area coincides with the speed that has been set, the Wind Clock will move at the normal rate of conventional clocks.

However if the speed of the wind is higher/slower than the average, the Wind Clock will begin telling the time at a faster/slower rate. According to the designer, the idea behind the design of the Wind Clock is to “tell a story about how time is a linear phenomenon but it fluctuates in the way we experience it. Our experience of time can be described like the wind. Sometimes it storms, sometimes its still and too often we hardly notice it is rushing us by…”

Fans of the abstract and philosophy ought to get a kick out of this. If you’d like to check out more photos and a video of the Wind Clock, you will be able to find those on Kim Haagen’s page.

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