How many of you out there know of someone who has yet to open his or her Christmas presents? Well, that might sound rather strange to most of us who cannot wait to tear those presents out from their wrapping paper prison, but here is another rather disturbing statistic if you are an Amazon executive. It seems that in the UK, the Amazon Kindle is the most unused Christmas present, where 22% of folks in a survey who received it as a gift have not used it yet, leaving it as a rather expensive paperweight. Not only that, out of the 48% of people surveyed (no idea on how large the total pool is, and how true to real life demographics the figures represent) who have yet to use their Christmas presents after opening them, 9% of them who received the iPad 2 did not bother to even use it. Sounds rather ridiculous, no?

I guess if it was the Amazon Kindle Fire that was unwrapped, the statistics would have seen the pecking order change in terms of unused Christmas presents. Any idea what was going through these peoples’ minds when they looked at the Apple iPad after unwrapping it?

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