Bang & Olufsen has upped the ante where 3D TVs are concerned with their latest addition to the BeoVision 4 family in the form of an 85″ plasma display, delivering stereoscopic 3D capability even in Full HD for razor sharp details, rich-lifelike colors and smooth movement. Not only that, the BeoVision 4-85 will also come with a patented Bang & Olufsen Automatic Color Management technology that is capable of countering the effects of age, letting your eyes enjoy consistent quality year after year.

Of course, what would a visual feast be if there aren’t any audio accompaniment that matches its capability? Bang & Olufsen knows this, which is why they have thrown in a dedicated center loudspeaker known as the BeoLab 10 that will make full use of the patented Bang & Olufsen Acoustic Lens Technology that can disperse sound at a 180 degree angle throughout an entire area. The result? An unmatched sound experience which will juice up an already spicy picture performance.

Another feature that this new 85″ model would be a special stand that elevates the screen with but a single touch of a button. Basically, this means whenever you turn the TV on, the screen will elegantly elevate itself to the optimal viewing position of your choice, while the seamlessly integrated BeoLab 10 center loudspeaker will appear right underneath the screen. Out later this June for $85,000, you have one more month to perform some creative accounting before convincing the missus that your household needs a new TV. [Press Release]

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