Being on the battlefield is one assignment that soldiers were trained for, but that does not mean it is plain sailing even if you have the world’s most advanced military machine backing you up. After all, there is always a weak point no matter how padded you are, and being shot where the abdominal area meets the legs could prove fatal due to massive internal bleeding. A couple of physicians who specialize in emergency medicine are out to arrest this from happening to future soldiers with a new tool that was specially designed to treat rapid lethal war injuries. This device is known as the abdominal aortic tourniquet, where it effectively slows bleeding to buy precious time in order to stop the flow of blood.

Dr. Richard Schwartz and Dr. John Croushorn are the brains behind this new tourniquet, and since both did serve in the military before, they do know how the inflatable abdominal aortic tourniquet might actually be of use in an actual combat situation. This wedge-shaped device needs to be wrapped around the abdomen and inflated via hand pump, and when inflated, the tourniquet will slow blood flow through the compression of damaged blood vessels in order for the medical crew at hand to stop the bleeding with other procedures.

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