One thing great about concepts is this – you need not remain tied down to existing laws of physics or anything of that sort. Well, having said that, here is the iWatch concept that will definitely float your boat, considering how it will most probably never make it all the way to Apple’s stores, be they online or otherwise. After all, I do not think for an instant that Apple will ever branch off into making digital timepieces, but let us pause for a moment and think – if Apple actually does anything of that sort, the end result might look something like this.

Sporting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the iWatch will also come with 32GB of internal memory, a FaceTime camera for you to chat with other iDevices that support FaceTime, different kinds of widgets that will cater for RSS and weather amongst others, while being made out of polycarbonate, aluminum, Kevlar and PK2, which would mean this is as indestructible as a Nokia 3310. Would you buy something like this if it exists?

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