[CES 2012] The design of the Monster VEKTR headphones, in a partnership with Diesel, is certainly something that will turn heads wherever you go wearing this pair. After all, it sports Diesel’s fresh, iconoclastic approach to design and will arrive in Q1 this year for a rather pricey $249.95. Not too much of a surprise there considering the kind of pricing that Monster products have commanded in the past, and the VEKTR on-ear headphones will deliver a comfortable, premium-quality listening solution which will merge fashion and great sound in a single package. The sharp faceted look will take some getting used to, but you can be sure that generations down the road, they will look at the VEKTR as the start of something new in terms of headphone design. Coming in just one color – jet black, it will have a single bold yellow accent and a prominent Diesel logo on each earpiece. Trust me, it wears far more comfortable than it looks. It does make me wonder whether the folks at Diesel were inspired by the Air Force’s collection of modern stealth bombers that feature crazy angles to confuse all those radars out there.

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