The humble NES, a device that ensured kids preferred staying indoors rather than to play in the real world outdoors since the 1980s, certainly deserves a place in video game pantheon. Well, there is another feather to add to its cap which is already brimming with feathers – as it now holds the world record of having the largest video game controller in the world. Unveiled to the world at London’s Liverpool St. station in conjunction with the Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer’s Edition, it is 30 times larger compared to the stock NES controller. British Engineering student Ben Allen, who was just two years old when the NES hit North America in 1985, took around 5 months to complete this labor of love at an estimated cost of £4,000. Something tells me it must be due to the magic mushrooms that he had been consuming at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands to dream of this – no really, it is most probably his sheer love for the classic console from Nintendo that moved him to pay such a tribute with an actual working video game controller.

This behemoth is definitely not meant for button bashing purpose, where it measures 366cm x 159cm x 51cm, tipping the scales at 18 stone, and you will need a couple of gamers at the very minimum to “press” the buttons, although jumping like Mario might be a more apt description.

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