Nike+ FuelBandIn case you didn’t already know, one of the best ways to improve in something is to measure your performance. This is why we have tons of equipment and apps we have on our smartphones to help us keep track of our progress. When you know what your last “score” was, you have a target to achieve or surpass, hence the importance of measurement. Nike knows this and has added yet another device to its lineup of health-related devices: the Nike+ FuelBand.

Designed to track your NikeFuel score (a metric that measures any activity you do), the Nike+ FuelBand is a wristband that wirelessly connects to an iPhone via Bluetooth. The FuelBand features 20 color-coded LED lights that go from red to green depending on whether the wearer has met their NikeFuel target for the day (it can be set). At midnight, the counter resets, and users have to achieve their targets again.

Users can then upload their NikeFuel totals online and even share them with friends and family via different social media. Scores can also be used to generate graphs for a way to visually gauge performance. As to how you can raise the score on the band – all you have to do is keep the FuelBand on your wrist, and just do stuff. The more activity recorded by the band, the higher your NikeFuel score.

Since your results can be made public and shared; your friends, your family, and yourself will be keeping track of you to offer encouragement and motivation (through competition) – though ultimately, it’s all on you. The Nike+ FuelBand will  be available for purchase on February 22nd for $149.

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