I don’t know about you, but Apple fans might not take too kindly to the Steve Jobs action figure that they see over here. Even more so when this action figure is churned out by InIcons from China, which clearly has nothing to do with Cupertino, making this unofficial Steve Jobs in a plastic form factor a fake, so to speak. And we all know how much the late Steve Jobs loathes not having things under his control, never mind the fact that he has mellowed down in his later years. This lifelike collectible will come complete with Steve’s signature black turtleneck, a pair of rimless glasses, as well as the classic pair of jeans.

Standing a foot tall, this action figure is equipped with accessories such as a stool and a backdrop that says, “One More Thing…”, paying homage to the trademark phrase that Jobs used to say whenever he wanted to debut his latest invention to the world. Apple’s legal eagles were touted to have said, “Mr. Jobs has not consented to the use of his name and/or image in the product,” so do expect to see this action figure being pulled off the shelves eventually. Still, you might want to score one for yourself in the mean time at $99.99 each, although pre-orders have already been stopped. Shipping commences in February, so do expect to see scalpers trying to make a quick buck on auction sites after that.

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