The whole topic of video games breeding violence is a highly controversial one. There have been studies that suggest yes, while there are studies that say no. While we will be keeping our stance neutral on that topic for now, it looks like Rovio, the developers behind the insanely popular game Angry Birds, have teamed up with the Korean National Police Agency in an effort to prevent school violence in the country, and no: the police will not be throwing angry birds at school bullies!


While that mental image is somewhat comical, the Angry Birds franchise will instead be used as an ambassador as part of the campaign, and will be found in prevention and public relation centers. The Korean police are banking on the familiarity of the game by young students to help address some of the country’s social problems. It seems that the Korean police will also be taking this opportunity to show that they recognize that games are not connected to violence. We’re not sure how effective this will be, but kudos to the Korean police and Rovio for their efforts anyway.

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