All three companies – Microsoft, Google and Apple, have been guilty of dipping their fingers into the user privacy cookie jar in the past, but perhaps it is now time to move on and get ahead with the program. Those three bigwigs in addition to another three of the world’s top consumer technology companies have agreed that their apps will offer far more noticeable privacy disclosures before users download them, as part of a reconciliatory move to protect consumers’ personal data. This is a good thing, but somehow or rather, I do not think that it will reduce the incidences of users being surprised that the software or app they are using actually capture their personal data such as contacts and whereabouts. Why so, you ask? The answer is simple – how many of us actually read through the End User License Agreement or other Terms & Conditions before clicking the “OK” or “Install” button? Most of the time, we just scroll to the bottom and proceed with the installation. Ah well, at least these companies will no longer be sued for taking such underhanded tactics in harvesting more information from users than usual.

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