Samsung VS AppleThe long running saga of lawsuits being thrown at one another between Samsung and Apple continues, where Apple has just sued Samsung in Mannheim over a patent where a Munich court denied preliminary injunction sometime last week. Apple apparently introduced approximately 20 more new patents into its Australian litigation with Samsung, and another lawsuit against Samsung was delivered in the US in the Northern District of California, not to mention a simultaneous motion for a preliminary injunction. Apart from that, a trial in Mannheim, Germany, saw Apple emerge the victor against Motorola earlier this morning, and on the same day itself, Apple also filed an extension to its original complaint against Samsung – something that might not have been allowed in the US due to the late stage of proceedings.

Apple’s extension today concerns the “list scrolling and document translation, scaling, and rotation on a touch-screen display” patent, and they hope that Samsung’s tracks can be stopped in Europe – or at least in Germany, assuming the court rules in favor of Cupertino. Right now, the Galaxy Tab 10.1N is available for sale freely in Germany because of a redesign after Apple went to court against Samsung. Will they be done and over with it already?

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