You know, by the time the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles grow up and enter adulthood, they would know that living in the sewers aren’t exactly the epitome of comfort, not to mention eating pizza in such a location. However, each time they make an order of pizza, surely a tin of Coke for each would follow – and once they are adults, beer might do as well, since they have more things to worry about like the economy than some crazed Shredder stalking the streets of New York. With the Canchucks, these Ninja Turtles can turn their used aluminum cans into a potent weapon fit for a ninja – reptile or not.

The Canchuck Kit comes with all the relevant hardware to transform your favorite beverage cans into a work of art, and even better is the fact that the Kit is easily completed using common tools and supplies. Cans will be filled with expansion foam that can be purchased from any hardware store for that bit of solidity, and you can start going all Bruce Lee once you are done with it. Just make sure you have some needle nose pliers, a Philips head screwdriver and some masking tape handy. A single kit costs $19.95, while two kits is slightly cheaper at $34.95, but you get the most bang for your buck with four kits at $59.95.

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