Smoking can kill you, they said. Why not settle for an electric cigarette instead, they said. After all, there is no nicotine in there to damage your body, they said. What does that kind of advice result in – cleaner lungs? Perhaps, but it also ended up with a man being sent to a burn unit after his electric cigarette exploded in his mouth, resulting in a severely burnt face while sending some of his incisors out from their gums as well. Brutal. According to North Bay Fire Department Division Chief Joseph Parker, the cigarette’s battery blew up while the Florida man was smoking on Monday night, and it was somewhat described as a bottle rocket going off in the man’s mouth. The explosion and burns were so bad, that the victim also suffered from the indignity of losing part of his tongue. The authorities have yet to identify the make and model of the electric cigarette, but this might just be the excuse that smokers are looking for to not make the jump to an electric cigarette.


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