Aatma Studio has come up with some interesting concepts in the past, where the two most recent ones would be the iPhone 5 and another apple-shaped device, but with the iPad 3 being all but confirmed for a March 7th announcement, here we are with another concept video from Aatma Studio. It will come with an edge-to-edge Retina Display, letting you kiss goodbye to those ugly bezels, in addition to advanced NFC and a 3D multiplayer hologram. Hmmm, with such features, you can more or less kiss goodbye to the battery, unless Apple has come up with something really revolutionary to solve the power issue!

Just how does Advanced Near Field Communication (NFC) work? For instance, having a couple of iPads come in contact with one another will allow their internal magnets to be joined smoothly. The host iPad will take over instantly, extending over to the second iPad’s display so that the user ends up with a dual display – ala what the Sony Tablet P would have liked to be. One thing’s for sure, a minor price increase for such an iPad would surely be justified if it were to be real.

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