Rumors are never too far off where upcoming Apple products are concerned, and the iPad 3 clearly has had its fair share of rumors making their rounds around the Internet. While it can get rather tricky trying to sift the truth from fiction, a revealed photograph of the iPad 3’s internal specifications has just confirmed that it will boast a quad-core processor in addition to global LTE capabilities. The image was delivered to Boy Genius Report, and picked up via a development tool known as iBoot. This particular image holds far more information, I suspect, than Apple executives would have liked to see, considering it informs whoever who looks at it the different internal specifications of the iPad 3. Sporting model numbers J1 and J2 (iPad 3,1 and iPad 3,2), they are clearly two different (albeit similar) devices, where one of them will be Wi-Fi only, while the other is the big momma, keeping Wi-Fi company with GSM/CDMA/LTE connectivity options – hence being a truly universal tablet as it is compatible with carriers everywhere, regardless of which part of the world you are at.

Not only that, Apple’s quad-core A6 processor will run proceedings from within, sporting the model number S5L8945X. Just a little bit of trivia for all you fanboys out there – Apple’s current A4 and A5 processors carry the model numbers S5L8930X and S5L8940X, respectively. Having said that, a quad-core A6 processor would clearly make it the fastest iOS device from Apple to date when released, and we would have loved to get hold of confirmation of a Retina Display, too.

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