We’ve all played card games at some point in our lives, and games such as Solitaire, Hearts and War shouldn’t really be foreign to most of us, but it looks like the United States Playing Card Co. has decided to take things to the next level by introducing a series of Bicycle-branded playing cards that features a card with a QR code that will supposedly bring a twist to the already familiar card games listed above.

Dubbed “Jacked Up!”, basically the card with the QR code will turn the entire game on its head, for example changing the rules mid-game and all the player would have to do is use their smartphone and the accompanying app to scan the card. The game will also come bundled with a smartphone stand that supposedly will fit most smartphones, and the accompanying app will be a free download as well.

A pretty interesting concept although we’re not sure how we feel about further complicating games that are already simple enough to begin with. However if you think that the idea has some merit, you should be able to pick up a set of Jacked Up! cards some time in April. In the mean time you can check out this video for more information.

[Image credit – PCWorld]

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