When we plan something, there has to be a back up of sorts – as you can never tell just when something might go awry. This is a good and practical train of thought, but sometimes, there are no avenues for different plans – leaving you with only one chance and opportunity to get it right. Nokia seems to be in this sport, as Nokia VP Victor Saeijes mentioned to a Swedish newspaper that the Finnish smartphone manufacturer’s only future option would be Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system – nothing else. Of course, it really depends on how you read into this statement, but for the majority of us, we would interpret this as not having a plan B. When approached of a back up plan, Saeijis said matter-of-factly, “Plan B is that Plan A must succeed.”

Nokia is taking the approach that they are starting from scratch, and in order to make it big worldwide, they will still need to break into the US market. We do know that Nokia has not closed their doors to Symbian just yet (having just released the Symbian Belle update), but by all means, Symbian will fade away and ride off to the sunset, with Windows Phone waiting for the sun to rise.

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