NuForce Air DAC Wireless SystemIf you’ve got a bunch of speakers around the house that are in good working condition and you want to upgrade them to support wireless audio – without having to replace them, you’re in luck. NuForce Inc’s Air DAC Wireless System is designed for you. Designed to be set up without any hassle, the NuForce Air DAC system doesn’t require any WiFi routers or IP addresses. All you have to do is plug the transmitter into your computer’s USB port or Apple device and the receiver in any available sound system and you’re set.

Just start playing music from your audio device and it will be streamed to any speakers that the transmitter is locked on to. It’s that simple! And it is touted to play CD-quality sound. Each transmitter can also send audio to up to four receivers, while each receiver can connect to as many as four transmitters as well. A pretty nifty solution that should be popular with the less tech-savvy crowd looking to upgrade their sound system with wireless audio.

The Air DAC uWireless System for your computer’s USB port is available now for $179 (receiver and transmitter bundle). Separately the receiver will cost $149 and the transmitter $59. The NuForice iTX Transmitter for Apple devices isn’t available yet but when it does go on sale it will set you back $199 for the bundle (receiver: $149, transmitter $79).

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