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Mobiplex Unveils ProView App And SwingTIP Bluetooth Accessory To Help Improve Your Golf Swing
While golf might seem like a “relaxing” sort of game, there are subtle nuances to it that will help separate the pros from the newbies. If you’re just getting into the game and you’re looking for a way to help improve your swing technique, mobile sports performance evaluation developers, Mobiplex, has announced the availability of their ProView app, which when paired with their wireless motion sensor, claims to help you […]

Proview sued by their law firm for allegedly not paying their fees
As some of you guys are probably aware by now, it wasn’t too long ago that Chinese company Proview sued Apple over the use of the iPad trademark, claiming that they did not have the rights to it. Long story short, Proview won and managed to arrive at a settlement agreement with Apple. Now here comes the interesting twist – it seems that Proview is currently being sued by none […]

Apple pays $60 million to Proview, shakes hands
Proview, a company that certainly took the fight to Apple earlier this year by laying claim to the iPad name in China, is now $60 million richer thanks to Apple arriving at this particular resolution, ensuring that the matter is no longer raised. Shenzhen Proview Technology, which is the full name of a local firm, claims to own the iPad trademark in that part of the world. Well, the case […]

Hong Kong courts side with Apple over iPad trademark dispute with Proview
For those who have been following the news, you guys might be familiar with how both Apple and Proview are currently embroiled in a legal dispute over the iPad trademark. Now supposedly both companies are in settlement talks but according to Proview, it seems that they could not accept Apple’s settlement fee as it was too low. Either way should the settlement talks go awry, Proview could be looking to […]


Apple reportedly offered Proview $16 million in settlement over iPad trademark dispute
We know that Apple is currently in settlement talks with Chinese company Proview over the alleged trademark infringement dispute. According to Proview’s lawyer, Apple had supposedly made an offer to the company for an undisclosed sum of money, but it seems that it was too low for Proview’s liking. So just how much are we talking about here? According to a report by Chinese publication Sina, Apple is rumored to […]

Judge throws out iPad trademark case in favor of Apple
A judge in California has tossed out the lawsuit involving Apple and Chinese company Proview over the iPad name trademark. Judge Mark Pierce has dismissed the case, agreeing with Apple’s statement that both Apple and Proview had agreed to settle any disagreements in Hong Kong. Judge Mark Pierce in the Superior Court of the State of California in Santa Clara County on May 4 approved Apple’s motion to dismiss the […]

iPad Trademark is Duly Owned by Proview, Gov't Official Declares
It’s a deafening dispute, almost to the point of rage. China’s Proview, also one of the top five computer monitor manufacturers in the world, has been battling with Apple over the iPad trademark. If you’ve been reading our posts, you’ll see the endless talks and settlements between the two parties, we’re even tired of hearing it. But things could take a dramatic turn.

Proview believes settlement with Apple over iPad trademark dispute is "likely"
Apple is currently embroiled in many lawsuits over alleged price fixing, patent infringements, trademark infringement, in-app purchasing, etc, but it looks like one of these lawsuits could finally be coming to a close. According to Proview, the company has indicated that it seems likely that the lawsuit between Apple and Proview over the iPad trademark could be coming to an end and that the matter will most likely be settled […]

Apple in talks with Proview to settle trademark dispute
Both Apple and Chinese company Proview have been battling it out in the Chinese courts for quite a while over the alleged iPad trademark infringement. However it looks like Apple and Proview have decided that it might have gone on long enough and have since started talks to arrive at some form of settlement.Unfortunately the details of the settlement were not revealed, but one of the attorneys representing Proview, Ma […]

Proview threatens vendors against selling Apple's new iPad
It was only yesterday that Apple launched their new iPad, and if you were expecting them to launch the highly anticipated device without a hitch, you’d be mistaken. It seems that Proview has not forgotten their trademark dispute with Apple and has since issued warnings to suppliers and vendors in China against the sale of iPads or they would face legal action.For those unfamiliar with the legal battle between Apple […]

Apple threatens Proview with defamation lawsuit
In the ongoing lawsuit between Apple and Proview over the iPad trademark, it looks like Apple might have had enough and could be looking to slap Proview with a defamation lawsuit. This is reportedly over allegedly false and misleading statements that Proview released to the press which could ultimately lead to Apple suing the bankrupt Chinese company.

iPad trademark case to be heard in Shanghai
Shanghai is the new venue where Apple’s trademark dispute will take place, as a Shanghai court will deliberate a request by Proview to stop the sale of iPads throughout one of the most prosperous cities in China tomorrow. The gist of the case is this – Proview Technology of Shenzhen claims that they own the iPad trademark in China, and a Shenzhen court actually ruled in its favor last December. […]

Proview might sue Apple in the US over trademark dispute
While the Apple vs Android patent war is still ongoing, it seems to have been overshadowed these days by the trademark battle between Apple and Chinese company, Proview Technology over the iPad trademark. At the moment the lawsuit is taking place in China, but now it looks like Proview could take the legal battle into the US courts as well.

iPads seized by Chinese authorities
Proview and Apple are at loggerheads in China over a trademark dispute between the two, where the latter actually sought the court of law in China to ban the export of Apple’s iPads from the country simply because they hold the trademark for “iPad” in that part of the world. Later, Proview did share that it would be extremely difficult for the export ban to go through considering how much […]