We took a look at a steampunk Nerf gun yesterday, and here we are with a steampunk guitar this morning. This neo-Victorian era inspired art has been fused with modern style technology, resulting in an extremely cool looking guitar. Some say that this is a perfect piece of art, never mind if you are a geek or a guitar lover. Tony Cochran is the person behind this steampunk guitar (and is also the tour de force behind many other designs), where his passion to turn any unused electric guitar into something that is precious and worth treasuring. This particular steampunk guitar comes wrapped in leather, and also has bits of metal nailed, screwed and riveted within.

Obviously, such works of art do not come cheap at all, and the average going price for each guitar floats at approximately $1,500. What you see above is known as the Adjusticaster guitar, where it will retail for $1,859 a pop if you are interested. This is artwork worth singing about, and someone should start an all steampunk band.

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