Some of us are cautious drivers, never driving over the speed limit and obeying the law in general. Others might be more defiant and love breaking the speed limit, accelerating at orange lights and in general just being reckless. However insurance companies have no idea how we drive which is why insurance premiums are more or less the same for both safe and reckless drivers. However if you feel that’s unfair because you think safe drivers like yourself should be charged a lower premium, TomTom might have the answer for you.


The company recently announced in the UK that they were working with Motaquote, an insurance company, to help reduce your insurance premium cost at the cost of your privacy. Using the company’s TomTom Pro 3100 GPS navigation system, this new policy dubbed the Fair Pay Insurance basically rewards good drivers with a lower bill, and how they determine a good driver would be by tracking how you drive. The feedback will be sent via the LINK tracking unit and will inform Motaquote of your driving habits, which drivers will be able to check for themselves or receive the information via email. At the moment it seems that this service is limited to the UK, but hopefully TomTom will bring it stateside in the near future. So, what do you guys think?

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