Someone just hire designer Sangwoo Lee already – this guy conjured this particular Volkswagen concept that was inspired by optical art and visual kinetics. Known as the Volkswagen Optism (what a name – I am not that optimistic that it will hit the streets though), it was specially created with horizontal slants that will have the vehicle change its “character” when viewed from a different angle. The lines themselves do seem to create movement as well as direction, and since these lines are all over the place, ranging from the exterior all the way to the wheels and the interior. While the design itself is really unique, but I do not really recommend something like the Volkswagen Optism hit the streets, as the weird design cues might even see some folks get involved in an accident simply because their eyes failed to register the presence of the Optism in the first place. Perhaps the military can find some use for such dizzying lines on their futuristic vehicles and transport, no?

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