Concepts come and concepts go – but some of them leave more of an impression on us than the rest. Here, we have the Windows 8 watch concept that certainly seems to hail from a distant future. After all, the angled edges add a more masculine look to the portable timepiece, and with Mithun Darji’s (of Ahmedabad, India) imagination, the Windows 8 user interface seems to slot in pretty well with the rest of the physical form factor. This concept wearable timepiece will come with Wi-Fi connectivity as well as phone support, and you need not be like Dick Tracy by talking to your watch, but rather, use a Bluetooth headset since Bluetooth support is thrown into the mix as well. Additional hardware specifications include a quartet of music transport keys, a couple of volume keys and another four different keys. Will Microsoft one day see whether such a concept is worth realizing in the corporeal world? After all, there are already Android-inspired watches from Google…

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