What happens when you cross an 83-year-old lady with an iPhone? Well, I am quire sure that regardless of the answers that you receive when you ask someone that question, no one would think of the elderly lady actually suing Apple for $1 million – simply because she walked into the near transparent glass door at Apple’s Manhasset, Long Island store. According to Evelyn Paswall’s attorney, “Apple wants to be cool and modern and have the type of architecture that would appeal to the tech crowd. But they have to appreciate the danger that this … poses to some people.”

Just in case you were wondering whether Paswall’s eyesight is at fault here for the unfortunate run in, she does still drive around – which means her eyesight is still sharp enough to warrant her presence behind the wheel on public roads. Paswall claims that Apple should have put up warning marks on the glass in order to prevent the elderly from walking right into disaster – literally. I don’t even need to be at Paswall’s age to walk into a glass wall – I did that when I was in my mid-20s, causing the entire restaurant to be so silent you could have heard a pin drop.

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