Yes, we know that BlackBerry is on the slide even in their own backyard, losing out top spot to the Apple iPhone in terms of smartphone shipments, so is there any hope for Research In Motion (RIM), the company behind the BlackBerry and the PlayBook? After all, Nokia and Motorola were on the decline as well in the past, but somehow through fortitude and providence, they managed to see themselves through their respective difficult periods and are on the up once again. As for BlackBery, don’t you think that their designs have become far too bland? Perhaps with a little bit of creativity, something new might just take the world by storm. Pixelcarve, a design company, came up with what you saw above – the BlackBerry Blade concept that will most probably run on the BlackBerry 10 OS if it ever makes it to the real world.

This conceptual handset is made out of aluminum and acrylic complete with Gorilla Glass that wll ensure the front display looks just great at all times. It is slightly curved, while the main touchscreen display will slide upward in order to reveal the all too familiar BlackBerry keyboard. Not only that, there are fixed buttons located just under the touchscreen display, not to mention the addition of a trackpad. Other hardware specifications point to a 4.5″ AMOLED display at 720p resolution, running on a quad-core 1.5GHz processor, has a 12-megapixel camera at the back that does Full HD video recording, in addition to a front-facing 5-megapixel camera. Connectivity options include MicroHDMI, MicroVGA or MicroUSB ports, apart from a microSD memory card slot. Do you think the BlackBerry Blade is capable of turning the RIM ship around if realized?

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