Do you love singing, and singing your heart out simply because there is a new iPad that will be announced this coming March 7th? If that is the case, then surely you will not ditch your iPad 2 just yet – especially after you hear of the Karaoke Anywhere for iPad 2 peripheral that will attach to your precious Apple tablet, transforming it into a fully-functioning karaoke machine. It will retail for approximately $120.81 after conversion, where it will include the primary device, an AC adapter, an audio cable and a pair of microphones (for those heart tugging duets, of course), and thankfully for those of us who want to import it from Japan, instructions in the English and Japanese languages.

You will hook up the main device to the iPad 2 using the included audio cable, and sound will be produced from the 10W speakers that are located right up there in front. The unit’s face will be equipped with a couple of microphone input plugs and a trio of different knobs which allow you to make adjustments to the music volume, microphone volume and echo level. You can adjust your iPad 2 that is placed onto the top of the unit, with an incline of up to 75 degrees. Sad to say, shipping is limited to Japan only at the moment, so if you want one and are not residing in the Land of the Rising Sun, you’ve got to go through a third party.

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