You know men – when they are small, they play with toy cars, and upon growing up physically, there is still this part in them who love to indulge in gizmos and gadgets, as if they need to fix something up all the time. Well, boys who are now men, and yet grew up during the Gameboy era would fondly remember Pokemon as well as the craze that followed, constantly urging players to “catch ’em all”. Well, ladies would most probably have noticed by now that it can be rather difficult to get their spouse to notice a new dress, a new haircut, let alone a new pair of shoes. With a pair of Pikachu shoes that you see above, perhaps things might change instantly as the little yellow critter’s face is guaranteed to get a nerd-gasm going.

Apart from that, there are also a 1-UP mushroom design to choose from. Want to remain all girly? Not a problem at all, thanks to a Sailor Moon inspired pattern. Each pair is not going to be cheap though, retailing anywhere from $60 to $85, depending on how much customization needs to be done. Are you going to wear a “Me Gusta” face when you slip your feet into a pair of these?

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