One of the more charming aspects of the Angry Birds franchise is the ability to play it on the go, i.e. during bus/train rides, waiting for friends, waiting for class to start, and even in the toilet! With that being said, how would all you Angry Birds fans out there feel about the game making its way onto the Sony PlayStation Vita in the future? Recently at SXSW, Rovio’s chief marketing officer, Peter Vesterbacka had this to say:


“We’ll have our games on the 3DS pretty soon. The Vita we haven’t decided what to do about yet, but of course we want to be on all the screens, so let’s see how the Vita does in the market. And of course, always when working with these console guys it’s not that we can decide, it’s really if Sony wants to have Angry Birds on Vita. It’s more up to them than to us.”

So it seems that Rovio is open to the idea of Angry Birds arriving on the Vita, but what do you guys think? Do you really need a console version of Angry Birds, or is the mobile version good enough for you?

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