Apple’s Siri is a feature on the iPhone 4S that Apple has marketed as a tool that will offer users a convenient way to search for information and to perform certain tasks. If you’re a fan of sports and you’d rather not waste time loading sport websites or apps to check on scores, there is a good chance that ESPN could be making its way onto Siri in a future update, allowing sports fans to ask Siri for certain scores.

This was discovered by Evan Coleman who found out that Siri was starting to recognize sports teams as a token (i.e. “New York Yankees” would be read as one token/word rather than three separate words). This coupled with the fact that ESPN had recently released a developers API for accessing sports scores seems to suggest that the ability to pull sports scores via Siri in the future is a very distinct possibility.

However since nothing can be confirmed at this point in time, we’ll try not to get our hopes up just yet, but check back with us in the future as we will keep you updated on the situation.

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