Now this is a conceptual idea that might very well be the next big thing in terms of an interesting motorbike design, where the designer Colby Higgins called it the “Train Wreck bike”. What makes the Train Wreck bike so different? Just take a look at it and tell me that the steampunk inspired design cues will not draw attention should you ride this up any street. Basically, Higgins wants to introduce old fashion mechanics with modern technology, making it look really, really raw while merging it with an easily identifiable object of the modern era. No idea on whether it is capable of high powered performance on the road should it ever be realized and roll off the production lines of a factory, and neither do we know if it can take to the skies like some sort of magical Hogwarts ride, but it is definitely a sight to behold – and perhaps even purchase. Someone out there with a factory, go ahead and have enough faith to produce this for the masses already!

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