Caring for patients or family members with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be a hard task, especially since it would be impossible for you to keep an eye on them every second of everyday, which is why Swiss company, u-blox, has created Watchie, a GPS-based device that can be worn by patients as a watch and at the same time provide GPS tracking for their caretakers.


Watchie will be equipped with u-blox’s CellLocate technology which is essentially a beefed up GPS chip that uses GPS satellite information and mobile phone positioning data to help provide the caretaker with accurate GPS information. It will also feature a SIM card slot which means that Watchie will be able to work in about 145 different countries.

Some of the features on the watch includes SafeZones and alerts, whereby the caretaker can set a “safe zone”, and when the wearer leaves the designated zone, an alert will be sent to the caretaker immediately alerting them. The watch will also come with a panic button in which the wearer can press and it will immediately transmit their GPS coordinates to their caretaker.

Watchie will also come with a built-in G-Sensor which can detect sudden movement in the event the wearer falls down, which in turn will alert the caretaker. The battery for Watchie has been designed to last for weeks, and for more information on Watchie and how to get your hands on it, head on over to its website for the details.

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