At the Beijing Motor Show, there were certainly plenty of interesting rides to look at, and Chery has come up with this rather unique looking vehicle known as the @Ant concept. Since it is a concept, you are more or less sure that the brains behind it have the liberty of throwing conventional wisdom out of the window, since concepts do not really need to be bound to current technological limitations. Basically, the Chery @Ant concept could pave the way for a future “road train” system, allowing individual cars to attach and detach as and when required, ending up in one long “snake”. Picture a long line of supermarket trolleys and you get the idea.

The ability of the Chery @Ant concept to form a train is made possible thanks to automated telematics systems, where one car’s rear wheels will pair up with the front wheels of another. Should a couple of @Ants head towards a similar destination, they will connect after sharing and processing such information over the cloud. A maximum of ten @Ants can be placed together, although there are still questions concerning the efficiency of such an idea.

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