When you want something done, you have got to do it yourself – and I guess that is exactly what augmented reality developer William Powell decided to do, by working on his very own version of Google’s Project Glass. No idea on whether it will be as bad-ass as Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s pair, but there is just something about a labor of love that piques our interest. It is definitely nowhere as sleek or refined as Google’s version, but it more or less works on a similar principle. Powell merged a pair of Vuzix glasses, HD webcams and microphone headset with an application that was written in Adobe Air. It will make use of the Dragon naturally speaking engine for full audio recognition.

Yahoo! weather services is used to discover local weather information, and it can also create appointments when making use of full speech recognition. Apart from that, the app is also capable of snapping photos, uploading and sharing them afterwards. The video below showed off Powell checking out the time, making a music request, setting an appointment, and even making sure the weather is fine enough to head out.

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