Google Glass is expected to be available later this year, with some concepts impressing us as well as offering a glimpse into their possible real-world use. We’re sure it might be a tad difficult to pick out someone from a crowd using facial recognition, which is why Duke University is looking to developing a Google Glass app that would help recognize a person based on what they’re wearing.

The application is called InSight and will require your chums to submit self-portraits to the app, which would be used to create a spatiogram that would identify colors, textures and patterns people tend to wear in the submitted photos. The data would then be available on Google Glass, making it easier to find someone, that is, unless they’re the kind of person to adopt the latest fashions. Then we can see InSight never recognizing your style-changing friends.

We suggest if Google Glass comes with facial recognition, to make sure your friends look unique enough in order for the technology to do its things, since clothing recognition may not be the ideal way to recognize a person.

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