One of the new apps that Apple unveiled alongside the new iPad was iPhoto for iOS devices. It was a pretty interesting inclusion and it allowed iOS users a more powerful photo editing tool for their tablets. Perhaps there were some features of iPhoto for iOS that Apple thought were too good to pass up on, which might explain a recent set of rumors that has suggested that Apple could be bringing some iOS features onto iPhoto ’12 for Mac. The latest build for Mac is expected to see a release in the summer and would come with features that iOS users might have already familiarized themselves with.

This includes the ability to create a photo album and share it via iCloud and would pretty much replace the MobileMe function. It has also been reported that iPhoto ’12 will allow iOS users to transfer photos easily as long as they have iPhoto installed on their iOS devices. The latest build of iPhoto ’12 is expected to be available for OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion but unfortunately OS X Snow Leopard users have been reportedly left out of the loop. We guess the inclusion of some iOS features is not a complete surprise as Apple has started incorporating more iOS features into OS X. What do you guys think? Would a more robust iPhoto for Mac be something Mac users can look forward to?

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