The Colour Cartel (the spelling is British by intention) has come up with what they deem as the only full-fret light-up guitar neck in the world known as NeckFX. It does seem to hail from a world of rainbows that is far away, but somehow or rather, the idea has been incubated in the form of a Kickstarter project. This interactive light-up guitar neck has had its fair share of high profile fans wanting one for themselves as well, and will need $15,000 in terms of funding in order to become reality. It does seem well on its way, with 33 more days to go and having raised slightly north of $2,000, the patent-pending NeckFX system will feature seamlessly integrates LED lights into the fretboard of a neck that is compatible with any bolt-on guitar.


Each time you press any string to play, the space between those frets will illuminate, allowing guitarists to independently produce an entire light show which is more or less guaranteed to thrill the crowds. The existing design runs off a 9-volt battery, where it has been “hidden” away from view into the back of the head. Just how much juice does a 9-volt battery offer? We are looking at approximately 20 hours of constant use, so it is going to last for a fair amount of time if you are performing with the NeckFX in tow.

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