If you’ve played Rage, then you’re probably familiar with the Settler Pistol which is what this steampunk gun was based on. However instead of shooting bullets, this steampunk gun is equipped with batteries and shoots lasers instead! A 1.5W blue laser to be precise which not only has the ability to blind but can also burn skin as well, something you most definitely do not want to be swinging around or have pointed at you. The gun’s barrel acts as the battery compartment and while we guess it is pretty cool, it should be noted that it is incredibly dangerous as well. Its creator, Patrick Priebe, has since sold the gun off for about €600 (~$790). However he did state that you can contact him if you wish for him to make a “slightly simpler version” for less money. In the mean time check out the video above to see the gun in action. Warning: the blue laser in the video can get pretty bright so you might want to step back a bit or dim your monitor’s brightness.

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