If you love everything about the rotund plumber from Nintendo, then you would definitely want to check out this particular pair of headphones that pays tribute to the Super Mario Bros. After all, the Italian plumber who saved Princess Peach numerous times from the jaws of Bowser has been keeping the world entertained since the early days of 8-bit gaming, and just to show how popular Mario still is today, we recently talked about how a sealed Mario Bros. game can be purchased off eBay for a cool $17,500. But I digress, back to the Super Mario headphones.

Looking clean in design, even the box art itself is full of blocks to keep up with the retro times. You will be able to choose from different designs for the earbuds, where some featured the 1-Up and Super Mushrooms, and another will feature 8-bit Mario looking left and right, respectively. They will retail for slightly more than $25 a pop.

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