Designer Majel Korytar has come up with a concept stylus that he has dubbed the Wacom Realism. Based on Wacom’s digital writing instruments, not only does the Wacom Realism double up as a stylus and as a pen, but it will also have the ability to scan any color from the real world and replicate it on your screen. The color would be indicated by a band near the tip of the stylus to show which color you are currently using. On top of that, the Wacom Realism will be “green” stylus. What this means is that the stylus will draw from the heat of your hand while you use it, convert that into energy which will then be used to keep itself powered. We’re not sure what sort of technology will be used to scan real world color, or the connectivity that the stylus will require to transmit it to the tablet (i.e. Bluetooth, local WiFi, etc), but it certainly is a pretty cool idea. What do you guys think?

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