Word on the street has it that Apple has already started to churn out their first batch of smart TVs, and if this bit of news were to be true, you can be sure that plenty of folks would be making a beeline for Cupertino’s latest offering days before it is officially released, just like what happened with the iPad as well as iPhone upon their respective release ates. It seems that whispers of the highly anticipated connected smart TV sets are rolling off production lines of Apple’s overseas manufacturing facilities, and it will most probably see an announcement made in due time, although there is no exact date issued just yet.

This bit of information came about from “informed sources” who were speaking to the China Business News, claiming that one of Foxconn’s Shenzhen plants is currently undergoing a trial production run that will normally deliver a tiny number of assembly-line-quality prototypes for Apple to have those run through the paces before a full blown production order is given if everything is satisfactory. Will you pick up what some might deem to be Steve Jobs’ last bit of input into an Apple product if the smart TV from Apple were to be released?

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